one by one they were all becoming shades

You wrote Robo!Sam/Godstiel tentacle sex!!! With bonus soul...sliming? What do you call soul fisting via tentacle? ANYWAYS, you are awesome. I'd bow, but Godstiel probably be unamused. ;)

:D Thank you! Um, not quite sure what to call it--I've just been referring to it as soultentacling.

Friending you was an awesome decision oh my god oh my god ADDICTED TO HIS TENTACLEY APPENDAGES


(also know that our conversation was a total inspiration for this.)


My job here is done.

That was frikken awesome!!! I'm kinda speechless. God!Cas is delightfully creepy :D

Thank you!

I've never really found the whole tentacle thing all that hot.


Seriously. Guh. Series 7 will be a huge disappointment to me now unless this happens. This was I love it. Bravo. :D


More fun than a... I don't dare even try to finish that.

A Godstiel wanting love, or something enough like it to soothe him, is an idea I hope people will keep playing with. Though I doubt anything will top this. (Looks around for more stories from you.)

This is awesome! there is just a few tentacles fics in this fandoms *-* can't believe there is a Sassy one.

Thanks for writing!

Unnnf. Coming to this one late but, well, it's never too late for tentacles. I just really love the dynamic - sex meaning different things to them but still boiling down to that need - Sam's physical need and Castiel's emotional one. And ending on the idea that they do this A LOT in the future? Mmm, I'm just imagining twenty or so tentacle port codas.

No, never too late for tentacles! :P

Thank you! I'm really glad the dynamic (and my tendency to emo all over my tentacleporn) worked. :D


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